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Joining a community of strangers can be daunting but do note that you will find our entire Coaching Team in the Facebook Group offering love and support on your journey.  You won't be alone in this; oh gosh will be surrounded by SurThrivers.  Others on the same healing journey as you.

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  • How To Gain Control of Your Finances
  • Work From Home Opportunities; Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Website Design, etc.)
  • How To Take Charge Of Your Health (Diet, Exercise)
  • What Type Of Offline Therapies Work Best 
  • How To Recognize Emotionally Healthy Men & Women; Where To Meet Them
  • Nationwide Non-Denominational Christian Churches; Baptist Church and Celebration Recovery Location Directory (in-process)
  • How To Protect Your Children While You Battle Your Husband/Wife in Court
  • How to Win A High Conflict Divorce Case Against A Narcissist
  • How to Financially Succeed Post A Financial Loss
  • How to Afford A Beautiful Life
  • How To Afford to Take Care Of Your Children Financially As A Single Parent
  • The Secret To A Successful Online Business
  • How To Shop Organic Groceries Without Spending A Fortune
  • Where To Find Designer Clothes and Shoes for Cheap!
  • How To Afford A NICE Car or SUV!  Where to Buy, What To Say.

And much more!

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