The Health and Life Coaches of Mind Of A Surthriver are women and men who have overcome toxic relationships and went onto rebuild their lives and careers with courage and strength; overcoming insurmountable odds and coming out triumphant. We are warriors who refused to give up fighting on behalf of our children and who, in the end, forgave the Narcissists in our life so we could be set free......and live happy and healthy.
Whether the abuse comes from a Narcissist parent or parental figure, significant other or spouse, we recognize our part in it all and are determined to care for ourselves, focusing on destroying negative beliefs and habits that are preventing others from recreating the lives that they so richly deserve.  We believe, as a team, that the healing journey is unique for not only ourselves but our clients and believe the ultimate goal is to regain our health in all areas and let go of those who have hurt us with forgiveness and love.
By working together, we can apply what we've learned in all areas of your life by following simple steps and course direction; you can also change your life around and get back on track.....without him or her in your life.  You, yes you (!!!) can get your health on track, launch that company or business idea that will give you more money, resources and time with loved ones and how you can finally, once and for all, break free of negative patterns that have controlled your life for far too long.
Success takes time, effort, focus and work.  Any health and life healing journey will make turns that cannot possibly be predicted.  You will face uncomfortable truths about your own self which will lead to self-discovery.  You will be forced to tolerate the nonsense that may still be present when managing a successful co-parenting relationship with a former significant other or spouse.  We wish we could say it gets better.....and it does, but not in the ways that an emotionally healthy person needs (this being you!).  It's this and more that we share in our coaching programs with clients.  Yes, you can begin healing and be supported in that journey and yes, there are things you will need to change in order to let go and look towards the future with hope and happiness.  
Welcome to Mind Of A SurThriver! This website is for all survivors of narcissistic relationships (personal and professional) and how we can overcome the pain of the past so we can look forward to the future......free, peaceful, happy and successful in all ways by changing negative thought patterns and refocusing on success in all areas of our lives:  mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.
It is me and my coaching team's honor to support you in every phase.