Safety & Medical Gloves

We are pleased to offer this collection of medical and safety supplies at our cost (plus shipping and state related taxes) as a convenience during the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic.  We also offer a quality selection of children's and adult cloth masks with PM2.5 filters. 

Be sure to Continue Shopping and check out those collections and other items we offer.  Mind Of A Surthriver is focused on offering a one-stop collection of self-care products as well as comfort casual clothes, gifts, bath and body, essential oils in addition to 11 Health, Life and Business Coaches who are offering in addition to their popular courses, complimentary 45-minute sessions for a limited time.  

As the Founder and Website Designer and Developer of this website, it is my personal duty to serve you throughout your online experience.  Feel free to click on the yellow chat icon to speak with me directly.   -Sydney Ray


Thank you for trusting us during this time.    


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