How To Survive Months On End Stay-At-Home Order

How To Survive Months On End Stay-At-Home Order

Allow me to share some advice to keep you on schedule, active, happy and focused on all areas of your life:

1. Keep your home clean. I have a large lab who sheds like crazy so I have to sweep the floors 3x a week or else it just drives me nuts. When guests come over (when they used too!), no one could ever tell that I own a cat and a dog. My home is spotless. Every Saturday, I sweep and mop the floors, disinfect all door knobs, dust all furniture, clean all glass - the kids, my 9 and 11 year old wash all bedding in HOT water; their clothes and they clean the bathrooms, thoroughly. Together, we fold and put clothes away and make the beds.

2. Exercise. Every day..... lift weights - upper body, do 100 crunches, dead man planks, sit ups, stretching and take your dog for long speed walking adventures for a combined 1.5 hours. *Since I sit at my desk often to design websites, I sit up straight with shoulders back, both feet on the floor. All of this helps the spirit and your body.

3. Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water each day. *I start the moment I wake up and end before sleep.

4. Take your vitamins and supplements. During this time, your body needs: D3, K2, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Omega 3, B6 and yes, Vitamin C - but taking too much when you don't need too means your body will simply expel it. Take the recommended dosage when you aren't sick.

5. Cut out sugar from your diet. Many people who are getting sick have high glucose levels in their blood - they are consuming too much sugar in their diet. So, try, day by day to reduce sugar to 0. The occasional piece of cake isn't going to hurt you but daily sugar will.

6. Eat organic or at the very least, non-GMO. Fresh fruits and veggies, grains and lean protein. The kids and I love ground turkey - we've replaced that with red meat which our bodies have a hard time digesting anyway.

7. If you are going to be may as well surround yourself with positive people. I cannot stress this enough. Who you follow, listen too and read posts - may they inspire you, lift your spirits, encourage you and support you. May they also be the kind of person who shows a high degree of empathy and can relate to ANYONE..........because.........those who can relate to the suffering and hurt of mankind during these days will be that person who will be able to teach you how to see past the hurt into a future full of blessings. Yes, if you caught the correlation between Jesus Christ and a man/woman of Christ, then you know the importance of this paragraph. It's okay to unfriend someone and it's okay to block them in order to protect yourself. If they aren't contributing to YOUR success, then why have negative people in your life (online or offline)?

8. Pray. Whatever you believe in, may it be of hope, love, forgiveness and mercy. May your heart be full of love, kindness and generosity. Even when you have little, you still have much to give.......of yourself. Pray for protection and health not only for yourself and your family but those around you: your neighborhood, your community, your town, your state, this country and our world. Pray for health and financial abundance and pray that our leaders and changemakers are able to rebuild a country that serves and uplifts it's people. Remember, the government needs the people to be thriving, healthy and successful. *Always keep this in mind.......and God wants the same for you as well. 

9. Self-care. Essential oils, lavender lotion, quality tea, soothing home fragrance and milk baths. Oh gosh, I love it all - so soothing and relaxing. Hot bubble baths by candle light.....peppermint oil for tired muscles, rosehip oil for your face and skin. Go the natural route - it will reset and restore and you may as well take time to take care of yourself. Now is the time.

10. Start a Diary. Write and write and write. Write down your thoughts, your fears, your feelings - everything. Use markers, colored pencils, paints. Make it yours. Take screen shots of news headlines, document this moment in history. YOU ARE LIVING IT. Document it to burn it later or document it to look back and say to yourself,.....I DID THIS! I MADE IT AND SURVIVED......THRIVED.......


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